Fighting for change, one student at a time!


Meet the Candidates — Carlton Smith and Chris Johnson

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Community Post: 11 Reasons Carlton And Chris Will Be Amazing In The Student Assembly

Check out a study in gifs, on why we are the best choice for Student Assembly President and Vice President!

Our next set of goals!

Proud to unveil our newest ideas, submitted by the students for the benefit of the students:

1.Swem Library Hours:
With midterms typically being scheduled the week before spring break begins, we would like to work closely with Swem Library to possibly extend their hours of operation/ 24hrs like finals. We realize that such a change would require more financial resources, but the benefits far outweigh the cost!

2.Charter Day/ I am William and Mary Week performers

In the past while the performers have been amazing, they tend to be removed from the mainstream media by the time we see them. With that said, we want to work with AMP to garner more relevant artists such as: Macklemore, Pentatonix, Childish Gambino, and many others.

3.Campus Cookies

If this sounds familiar, its because JMU currently has this program. Basically students could place an order for a quantity and flavor of cookie to be brought to any on campus location. This could be accomplished by working with the sadler staff and utilizing express and flex and keeping the cost low.


We want the student body as whole to know, what bills we are deciding on, how it affects them, and how much money we are devoting to it. We also want students to be aware of who their representatives are in each class and we will publicize that accordingly.

5.Increase Campus Unity

We understand that william and mary is not only very progressive, but a melting pot of different cultures. Schools like UCLA and Harvard have been posting videos and literature detailing the minority experience. We would love for this campus to not have a conversation, but begin a dialogue about race and about the various minority experiences in W&M.

6. Inter-Greek Unity
We still have definitive lines drawn between “minority Fraternities/sororities” and “white fraternities/sororities”. There are the “black parties” and the “white parties” and the two do not mix. The reality is that we are no longer in the past and we would all benefit from more inclusiveness in general. We plan to work with both councils to help foster more cooperation between the two cultures via mixers, date parties, and/or joint events.

We can’t wait to hear even more ideas from all of you!

Until then, we will keep fighting for change, one student at a time!

Hey guys welcome to our page!

Over the next few days, we will be updating it with events (such as concerts, meet and greets, and coffee outings), policies, and a video (get excited)!

Our Platform

Our Platform:

1. Security: 
we want each student to feel safe on this campus, so we plan to do the following: work with william and mary police to not only increase the amount of blue lights on campus, but to also keep up the maintenance. 

we also want to incorporate a session with william and mary police into extended orientation where they would discuss the services they offer to incoming freshmen and transfers, because they are here to make sure we are safe and to help us out.

2. Mental Health:
we want students not only to be externally safe, but internally safe as well and sometimes students who elect to leave the college due to mental health reason are not allowed to return. we will work with the administration to institute a new program, one that would allow students to return to campus, but would have them go to the counseling center for a few sessions and then get cleared.

3. Meal Plan
We want to work with off campus vendors (pita pit, subway, the cheese shop etc.) to try to incorporate them into either flex, the meal plan, or both. 


We want to partner with organizations like RHA, APO and a myriad of others to not only support them, but to put on programs that benefit the student body in a variety of ways.

If you all have anything else you would like us to work on let us know!

We will fight for you and your voice to be heard!